Katherine Squires, PhD

Dr. Squires started as a Research and Development Project Manager at Antios before her current position as Director of Research and Development. Prior to joining Antios, she served as an Associate Project Manager at Q2 Solutions, where she managed over $43 million in Phase I-III clinical trial startup projects and led global project teams through the design phase of study-specific databases. During Dr. Squires’ time at Emory University as a Ph.D. student and Laboratory Researcher, she managed molecular genetics projects, authored 10 publications and collaborated with leading research teams across the Southeast, resulting in over $800k in new funding. As an undergraduate student, she held a Junior Laboratory Researcher position across 3 summers at the Georgia Institute of Technology and North Carolina State University.

Dr. Squires earned a Ph.D. in Molecular Pharmacology at Emory University and a bachelor’s in Textile Engineering at North Carolina State University. She has volunteered as a member of Emory’s Molecular & Systems Pharmacology Recruitment Committee, facilitating planning of the annual Pharmacology recruitment weekend.