Scott Morenstein

Scott Morenstein serves as Managing Director of CAM Capital, where he leads healthcare investing. CAM Capital was established in 2012 by Bruce Kovner following his retirement from Caxton Associates, the macro hedge fund he founded and managed from 1983 to 2011. Prior to joining CAM Capital in 2013, Mr. Morenstein served as Managing Director at Valence Life Sciences and before that Principal at Caxton Advantage Venture Partners, which he joined in 2007. Prior to joining Caxton Advantage, Mr. Morenstein served as an investment banking associate and founding member of Seaview Securities. Mr. Morenstein began his career at Lehman Brothers as a healthcare investment banker and equity research analyst. Mr. Morenstein has more than 15 years experience in biopharmaceutical investing, equity research and investment banking. Mr. Morenstein led CAM’s investment in and served as a director of Celator Pharmaceuticals until its acquisition by Jazz Pharmaceuticals in July 2016. He was nominated a director of Synta Pharmaceuticals to advise the company as it explored strategic alternatives ultimately leading to a merger with Madrigal Pharmaceuticals. He served as a member of Gemin X’s board of directors until its acquisition by Cephalon. He currently serves as a director of Molecular Templates (Nasdaq: MTEM) and Velicept Therapeutics.