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The only Active Site Polymerase Inhibitor Nucleotide (ASPIN) in Development

Combining the ASPIN, ATI-2173, with a Nucleoside Analogue (NA), such as Tenofovir (TDF) or Entecavir (ETV), in a one-pill, once-a-day regimen could completely shut down HBV polymerase activity and viral replication, potentially curing HBV infected individuals

ASPIN Mechanism of Action Video

4th generation capsid assembly
modulator (CAM) program in

Antios is currently developing CAMs for the treatment of HBV. Early in vivo data point to a differentiated MOA which, unlike most CAMs, may provide for a more targeted, productive clearance of the virus by the immune system. Our 4th generation CAM program, along with ATI-2173, has the potential to contribute to a functional cure for patients with HBV.

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EASL presentations:

Pharmacokinetics of ATI-2173, a novel active site polymerase inhibitor nucleoside, in a Phase 1b clinical trial

Phase 1 Results for ATI-2173, a novel active site polymerase inhibitor nucleotide, in HBV-infected subjects


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