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Our team of experts is making incredible strides to transform the treatment of hepatitis B

Founded in 2018, Antios Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of innovative therapies to treat and cure hepatitis B virus (HBV).

Our lead therapeutic candidate, ATI-2173, is a next generation active site polymerase inhibitor nucleotide (ASPIN) that is in clinical development as the first step toward a potentially curative treatment for HBV. We are also currently developing ATI-1428 for the treatment of HBV.

ATI-2173 has been evaluated in phase 1 studies in healthy volunteers and HBV-infected individuals. It has also been evaluated as part of a double and triple combination regimen in a phase 2a study of HBV-infected and HBV/Hepatitis Delta virus (HDV) coinfected individuals.1

OUR VISION is a world without HBV

OUR MISSION is to develop innovative therapies to treat and cure HBV

Creating opportunities for powerful combination regimens

The ASPIN mechanism of action (MOA) is complementary to other therapeutic approaches, and holds the potential to completely shut down viral replication and cure HBV. Because of this complementary MOA, we believe that ATI-2173 could be the core component of a powerful combination regimen.2 Learn more about our clinical trials studying ATI-2173 in combination with other drug classes.

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Why HBV?

HBV is a greater global burden than HCV and HIV combined

Why combination therapy?

HBV is a complex virus, and the current standard of care does not currently target covalently closed circular DNA (cccDNA) pools. Nucleoside analogues (NAs) do not directly inhibit the viral polymerase, allowing the HBV infection to remain due to persistent low levels of transcription of the viral cccDNA. However, ATI-2173 binds directly to the enzyme’s active site and disrupts all polymerase activity.1

Combined with an NA over 12 months of therapy, ATI-2173 has the potential to sustain HBV DNA suppression off-treatment, which could lead to a functional cure for hepatitis B.7

ATI-2173 is a transformative drug candidate that could serve as a powerful asset in combination therapy.

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The safety and efficacy of ATI-2173 are currently being evaluated in phase 2 clinical trials.1

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